Monday, May 5, 2014

Grilled Cheese

Last night I took two more recipes out of my newest cookbook, another Cooking for Two edition from America's Test Kitchen.  I really am trying to cook and buy in smaller amounts to prevent waste.  
So I made a Beef Barley soup, and a Grilled Cheese.
And it reminded me of my very first experience making a grilled cheese.  
I must have been about 10 years old.  We grew up thinking, loving and believing that "cheese" came in a box, wrapped in foil and was hard to slice.  Yep, Velveeta.  And of course Wonder Bread (or the store version of plain white bread) was what we had.  
Mom had a big square waffle iron, the kind that makes 4 waffles at a time.  And for an extra treat, you could take the waffle irons off, top and bottom, and reverse them and it make the appliance now a perfect grill!  
So I carefully buttered the outside of the slices of the bread and then proceeded to get some nice thick chunks (you just couldn't call them slices) and placed them on the bread,  put the tops on the sammies and put the lid down.  So it grills both slices and melts the cheese all at the same time!!  
However......I seemed to have overestimated the amount of cheese needed and before too long I had this avocado green countertop appliance that now more resembled some kind of flat top volcano oozing unbelievable amounts of orange goo all over the counter.....
So much for my early sandwich making.

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